Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Twilight From My Backyard

its when i'm done with my Cereal and turn off my Laptop with kickin' some ass my sneaky rabbit from my backyard
i swallow my shoes and thaw them to ends of wall near the closed door. feelin' like i was child and playing with lacks of my imaginative
i see the sky, feel the atmosphere and touch the wind. its twilight! oh dear i love this view and cloud would flood my eyes
and then i taking some photos from out there, and imagine i'm standing alone in Cruise Airship with Telescope spot the lights of twilight. i'm pretty sure i was falling and broke my plastic chair. so terrible, and my sneaky rabbit laughed at me and looks like he wanna say "epic".

i'm enjoying the view for a while spend my time for a last time. and thinking about life on an sky with some company, minion and i was walking to bridge of the sky and held a compass and map, i used to be navigator for my minion. it would be nice, so gaze

and i'm so curiousity about abandoned well beyond the old-house (near my backyard) i think, i have to see dwarves has coming out there from the well. can i buy the dwarves hat and talk to him? ask many question like "why are you leaving the snow white with the prince, cause i know the prince is mad" well it doesnt mean i wanted to say take me up there with them.

so i'll go back and laying on the bedroom enjoy the god sounds from the mosque, hearing many water drops to wall.
i'm feelin' so good. includes i playing some song from my iTunes. i choose Indie Pop bands and begans to singing

She & Him, Sondre Lerche and The Magic Number has fill my mind. i was smiling to everything direction so guess planning to cook some food from the haunted kitchen. i swear i see ghost from the last nite and that ghost waving at me! hahahaha

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