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formed around December 2009 Blue Albatross formerly called SailDockAnchor is in just drove by one person
Rendi Pahlefi which is about one year ago so addicted to the music of European Synth Electronica and Dance.
Rendi basically would love music Electronica, Folk and Indie Rock
Blue Albatross Initially it was just a solo project under cultivation by himself, his project is believed to be a fun project that plays instrumental music is not just an amusement, but his goal is also to introduce his works and finding networks out there, Rendi deeply influenced by musicians such as Eluvium, Port Blue and The American Dollar the first was intended to make music like some of the names above are sufficient to influence the world of music.

got desperate because of his failure with the band before, do not miss a Rendi continue to lose the idea to learn and hone skills. Rendi who also like the work of Imogen Heap's work, Angels & Airwaves and The Album Leaf is racked his brain for how to make music without having to use many instruments, only a single instrument but the sound is rich with musical instruments. his choice fell to Synthethizer and FruityLoops.
Rendi has started making his music since last December in his private room with a computer and some music software that helps to create a work

considerable difficulty in the idea, Rendi trying to try a lot of listening to new music on the Internet with the aim to find inspiration. Rendi really liked the themes of nature such as rain, four seasons, sea, sky, clouds, space and nature-owned nature of the earth and to the object he was obsessed with Cargo Airplane, Cruise Ships, and several other transportation vehicles

Rendi also includes a versatile musician he mastered many other instruments such as guitar, bass and drums.

in his own life, he who does not like strings attached, not very talkative and pretty quiet but sometimes quite humorous, and friendly people, though he was having difficulty familiar with new people around
Rendi also susceptible to interference could not sleep for 2 this year, he looks a lot like yawning and the like are not excited
but has considerable ambitions

Rendi hobby is also quite unique, he loved sit back in the big tree just to look at the sky, collecting action figure, chewing gum, listening to his favorite music is one of them is the Kings Of Convenience and Noah & The Whale, and he loved to play the Internet almost every week.
He also likes a lot of writing lyrics that a lot of fantasy themed and un-convetional, but not one of the few words that he made the song.

He liked to quote "Sometimes words aren't needed in order to melt your heart"

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