Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Bintaro Skyline

here i am folks! at thursday i walked alone at staircase and seeing computer, keyboard, mixer, drum, CD player and sounds in everywhere and laptop too.
very excited cos i have to decide to making song with vocals, but unfortunately i don't have microphone and headphones so i decide to finding them soon at carrefour. i can't wait!! this is very exciting except the toilet, very dark!

hungry surround me. so with my dad, we went to Senayan City for shop. we didn't buy shirt or pants, but we've just buying some food and CD's. also i met Didi Riyadi, he's playing drum for Element.
my mouth begans to full with French Fries and Burger King, soda for coda!

after i buy the CD i have seen microphone USB, but i had no idea how i forgot my goal!
so on the nite. i'm with the other just visiting some family at Pondok Aren, i've got some cookies and relaxation tea
again, we decide to eat at Barcelana Ruko. yeah we had spents our time to finish our Ayam Taliwang. hot!

it's a beautiful day. my aunt has comment my long-hair (hey this is Eirik Glamboe haircut :p)
and my uncle support me to keep my hair to LONG! LONG LIVE LONG HAIR (bad english, sorry)

and for the last memorable coda, i play the CDs puttin up to the desk with reading some comics until the midnight
and going to sleep without turn off the coldest-AC. so frozen attacking me, but i love to being frost. sounds weird

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