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Ambient Music (by Wikipedia)

Ambient music is a musical genre that focuses largely on the timbral characteristics of sounds, often organized or performed to evoke an "atmospheric", "visual" or "unobtrusive" quality.

The roots of ambient music go back to the early 20th century. In particular, the period just before and after the first world war gave rise to two significant Art Movements that encouraged experimentation with various musical (and non musical) forms, while rejecting more conventional, tradition-bound styles of expression. These art movements were called Futurism and Dadaism. Aside from being known for their painters and writers, these movements also attracted experimental and 'anti-music' musicians such as Francesco Balilla Pratella of the pre-war Futurism movement and Kurt Schwitters and Erwin Schulhoff of the post-war Dadaist movement. The latter movement played an influential role in the musical development of Erik Satie.

As an early 20th century French composer, Erik Satie utilised such Dadaist-inspired explorations to create an early form of ambient / background music that he labeled "furniture music" (Musique d'ameublement). This he described as being the sort of music that could be played during a dinner to create a background atmosphere for that activity, rather than serving as the focus of attention.[4]. From this greater historical perspective, Satie is the link between these early Art movements and the work of Brian Eno, who as an art school trained musician, had an appreciation of both the music and art worlds.

Alongside these early developments, more conventional forms of music began to take note of such experimentation and in turn gave rise to future influence of ambient in the work of modernists composers such as John Cage and Morton Feldman as well as minimalist composers such as La Monte Young,[5][6] Terry Riley,[6] Philip Glass,[6] and Steve Reich[6].

Brian Eno is generally credited with coining the term "Ambient Music" in the mid-1970s to refer to music that, as he stated, can be either "actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener", and that exists on the "cusp between melody and texture."[4] Eno, who describes himself as a "non-musician", termed his experiments in sound as "treatments" rather than as traditional performances. Eno used the word "ambient" to describe music that creates an atmosphere that puts the listener into a different state of mind; having chosen the word based on the Latin term "ambire", "to surround".[7]

The album notes accompanying Eno's 1978 release Ambient 1: Music for Airports include a manifesto describing the philosophy behind his Ambient music:

"Ambient Music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting." Brian Eno, Music for Airports liner notes, September 1978

Eno has acknowledged the influence of Erik Satie and John Cage. In particular, Eno was aware Cage's use of chance such as throwing the I Ching to directly affect the creation of a musical composition. Eno then utilised a similar method of weaving randomness into his compositional structures. This approach was manifested in Eno's creation of Oblique Strategies, where he used a set of specially designed cards to create various sound dilemmas that in turn, were resolved by exploring various open ended paths, until a resolution to the musical composition revealed itself. Eno also acknowledged influences of the drone music of La Monte Young (of whom he said, "La Monte Young is the daddy of us all"[5]) and of the mood music of Miles Davis and Teo Macero, especially their 1974 epic piece, "He Loved Him Madly", about which Eno wrote, "that piece seemed to have the 'spacious' quality that I was after...it became a touchstone to which I returned frequently."[7]

Beyond the major influence of Brian Eno, other musicians and bands added to the growing nucleus of music that evolved around the development of "Ambient Music". While not an exhaustive list, one cannot ignore the parallel influences of Wendy Carlos, who produced the original music piece called "Timesteps" which was then used as the filmscore to Clockwork Orange, as well as her later work Sonic Seasonings. Other significant artists such as Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis have all added to or directly influenced the evolution of Ambient music. Adding to these individual artists, works by groups such as Pink Floyd, through their albums Ummagumma : Meddle and Obscured by Clouds. Other groups including Yes with their album "Tales from Topographic Oceans" , the Hafler Trio and Kraftwerk have all added distinctive aspects to the growing and diversified genre of Ambient Music.

1990: Ambient - electroacoustic

By the early 1990s artists such as the The Orb, Aphex Twin, Slowdive, the Irresistible Force, Geir Jenssen's Biosphere, and the Higher Intelligence Agency were being referred to by the popular music press as ambient house, ambient techno, IDM or simply "ambient" according to Brian Eno's 1978 definition:

"Ambient Music is intended to induce calm and a space to think."Music for Airports Liner Notes

So-called 'Chillout' began as term deriving from British ecstacy culture which was originally applied in relaxed downtempo 'chillout rooms' outside of the main dance floor where ambient, dub and downtempo beats were played to ease the tripping mind.[8]

The London scene artists, such as Aphex Twin (specifically: Selected Ambient Works Volume II, 1994), Global Communication (76:14,1994), FSOL The Future Sound of London (Lifeforms, ISDN), The Black Dog (Temple of Transparent Balls,1993), Autechre, (Incunabula,1993, Amber), Boards of Canada, and The KLF's seminal Chill Out, 1990, all took a part in popularising and diversifying ambient music where it was used as a calming respite from the intensity of the hardcore and techno popular at that time.[9]

Later in the period much experimental electronica, (particularly sound artists such as Pole, Mika Vainio, Ryoji Ikeda, Christian Fennesz, Aphex Twin (drukQs, 2000) and Autechre) expanded the themes of 'ambient' along the lines of earlier 1970s ambient music & dub but with increasingly abstracted sample-based textures and digital electronics that ultimately began to converge with minimalist compositions and music concrete.

Digital era electronic 'electroacoustic' artists, including the recent work of Eno himself[10], are notable in their attempts to create 'sonic sculptures' which interact with the physical architecture of the listening space using advanced electronic installations.

Literally 'ambient' field recordings are a specialism of the Touch Music label. The electroacoustic influence can be heard in the contemporary work of Polish artist Jacaszek.

Glitch music is a major subset of this work produced by (usually German-speaking) labels such Mille Plateaux (Clicks & Cuts Series, 2000).

Some dubstep producers, notably Burial,2006, have nostalgically referenced the sonic 'post-rave' ambience of the nineties era


Ambient music has been used in many video games, television shows and motion pictures and is notable for contributing to their atmosphere, or soundscapes. David Lynch's 1984 film Dune, for example, forgoes the epic sci-fi adventure style theme music popularized by Star Wars in favor of a more atmospheric music score by Toto and Brian Eno. Electronic musician Paddy Kingsland is noted for the music style he brought to several serials of the television series Doctor Who which had until then relied mostly on stock music cues or minimal music for much of its history. The video game trilogy Fallout and its spinoffs use ambient music that sometimes contains gentle rumblings to portray the bleakness of the post-apocalyptic world which the games are set in. Another game series that uses ambient music is the Oddworld games, notably Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. That music was composed by Michael Bross. The games featured in Valve's Half-Life series, including spinoffs such as Portal, feature ambient music soundtracks by composers Kelly Bailey and Mike Morasky. The Sci-Fi horror game Doom 3 is using an ambient soundtrack made by former drummer Chris Vrenna of the band Nine Inch Nails, instead of having a song, mainly a MIDI file, looped through the entire map

if you wanna know for complete. go through http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambient_music

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Bintaro Skyline

here i am folks! at thursday i walked alone at staircase and seeing computer, keyboard, mixer, drum, CD player and sounds in everywhere and laptop too.
very excited cos i have to decide to making song with vocals, but unfortunately i don't have microphone and headphones so i decide to finding them soon at carrefour. i can't wait!! this is very exciting except the toilet, very dark!

hungry surround me. so with my dad, we went to Senayan City for shop. we didn't buy shirt or pants, but we've just buying some food and CD's. also i met Didi Riyadi, he's playing drum for Element.
my mouth begans to full with French Fries and Burger King, soda for coda!

after i buy the CD i have seen microphone USB, but i had no idea how i forgot my goal!
so on the nite. i'm with the other just visiting some family at Pondok Aren, i've got some cookies and relaxation tea
again, we decide to eat at Barcelana Ruko. yeah we had spents our time to finish our Ayam Taliwang. hot!

it's a beautiful day. my aunt has comment my long-hair (hey this is Eirik Glamboe haircut :p)
and my uncle support me to keep my hair to LONG! LONG LIVE LONG HAIR (bad english, sorry)

and for the last memorable coda, i play the CDs puttin up to the desk with reading some comics until the midnight
and going to sleep without turn off the coldest-AC. so frozen attacking me, but i love to being frost. sounds weird

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Twilight From My Backyard

its when i'm done with my Cereal and turn off my Laptop with kickin' some ass my sneaky rabbit from my backyard
i swallow my shoes and thaw them to ends of wall near the closed door. feelin' like i was child and playing with lacks of my imaginative
i see the sky, feel the atmosphere and touch the wind. its twilight! oh dear i love this view and cloud would flood my eyes
and then i taking some photos from out there, and imagine i'm standing alone in Cruise Airship with Telescope spot the lights of twilight. i'm pretty sure i was falling and broke my plastic chair. so terrible, and my sneaky rabbit laughed at me and looks like he wanna say "epic".

i'm enjoying the view for a while spend my time for a last time. and thinking about life on an sky with some company, minion and i was walking to bridge of the sky and held a compass and map, i used to be navigator for my minion. it would be nice, so gaze

and i'm so curiousity about abandoned well beyond the old-house (near my backyard) i think, i have to see dwarves has coming out there from the well. can i buy the dwarves hat and talk to him? ask many question like "why are you leaving the snow white with the prince, cause i know the prince is mad" well it doesnt mean i wanted to say take me up there with them.

so i'll go back and laying on the bedroom enjoy the god sounds from the mosque, hearing many water drops to wall.
i'm feelin' so good. includes i playing some song from my iTunes. i choose Indie Pop bands and begans to singing

She & Him, Sondre Lerche and The Magic Number has fill my mind. i was smiling to everything direction so guess planning to cook some food from the haunted kitchen. i swear i see ghost from the last nite and that ghost waving at me! hahahaha


formed around December 2009 Blue Albatross formerly called SailDockAnchor is in just drove by one person
Rendi Pahlefi which is about one year ago so addicted to the music of European Synth Electronica and Dance.
Rendi basically would love music Electronica, Folk and Indie Rock
Blue Albatross Initially it was just a solo project under cultivation by himself, his project is believed to be a fun project that plays instrumental music is not just an amusement, but his goal is also to introduce his works and finding networks out there, Rendi deeply influenced by musicians such as Eluvium, Port Blue and The American Dollar the first was intended to make music like some of the names above are sufficient to influence the world of music.

got desperate because of his failure with the band before, do not miss a Rendi continue to lose the idea to learn and hone skills. Rendi who also like the work of Imogen Heap's work, Angels & Airwaves and The Album Leaf is racked his brain for how to make music without having to use many instruments, only a single instrument but the sound is rich with musical instruments. his choice fell to Synthethizer and FruityLoops.
Rendi has started making his music since last December in his private room with a computer and some music software that helps to create a work

considerable difficulty in the idea, Rendi trying to try a lot of listening to new music on the Internet with the aim to find inspiration. Rendi really liked the themes of nature such as rain, four seasons, sea, sky, clouds, space and nature-owned nature of the earth and to the object he was obsessed with Cargo Airplane, Cruise Ships, and several other transportation vehicles

Rendi also includes a versatile musician he mastered many other instruments such as guitar, bass and drums.

in his own life, he who does not like strings attached, not very talkative and pretty quiet but sometimes quite humorous, and friendly people, though he was having difficulty familiar with new people around
Rendi also susceptible to interference could not sleep for 2 this year, he looks a lot like yawning and the like are not excited
but has considerable ambitions

Rendi hobby is also quite unique, he loved sit back in the big tree just to look at the sky, collecting action figure, chewing gum, listening to his favorite music is one of them is the Kings Of Convenience and Noah & The Whale, and he loved to play the Internet almost every week.
He also likes a lot of writing lyrics that a lot of fantasy themed and un-convetional, but not one of the few words that he made the song.

He liked to quote "Sometimes words aren't needed in order to melt your heart"

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7.Ballon Float
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2.Snowflake In a Ghost Haunted
5.Shop Time
7.Farewell My Fairytale

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